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POISON PLANET South Coast Tour dates!!!

Okay, so I finally get around to fixing this post. Blame it on the holidays. I do. 

POISON PLANET South Coast Tour 2012

Starts in January, and here we go:

Friday 1/6 TBA
Saturday 1/7 Baltimore, MD and WDC
Sunday 1/8 Richmond, VA
Monday 1/9 Raleigh, NC
Tuesday 1/10 Jacksonville, FL
Wednesday 1/11 Orlando, FL
Thursday 1/12 Tampa, FL
Friday 1/13 Tallahassee, FL
Saturday 1/14 *Pensacola, FL / Mobile, AL and Birmingham, AL (get in  touch)
Sunday 1/15 Houston, TX
Monday 1/15 Laredo, TX
Tuesday 1/17 McAllen, TX 
Wednesday 1/18 Austin, TX
Thursday 1/19 Fort Worth, TX 
Friday 1/20 Kansas City, MO 
Saturday 1/21 Springfield, IL and Indianapolis, IN

For more information go to: 

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REVIEWS: BIG CRUX 12", NIGHT BIRDS LP, "Noise Ordinance" comp LP, C.R.A.S.H. EP, REVILERS EP, NO BABIES LP, etc etc

Here's the latest batch of reviews. As always, more in a couple weeks. Thanks to everyone who has sent records for review. I greatly appreciate it.

Also, the first print issue is out and about. Check later posts for ordering information. I started work on issue #2, which I hope to have out in late January.

As I type this I'm listening to the INFINITE BODY Carve Out The Face Of My God LP on PPM. Excellent ambient music. I guess that was a micro review. Anyway, check it out. The contact information can be found at the end of the C.R.A.S.H. review.

BIG CRUX - Nature Cruising 12" EP
The influence of the Minutemen is definitely prominent on this outing. However, as the songs play out Big Crux are allowing more of their own personality to come through, which has me anxiously anticipating the next record, and all subsequent. But since I'm living in the present, or at the very least, trying, let's focus on this record that is presently on the turntable. The first two tracks, "Don't Drink The Tea" and "Warship" definitely invoke Pedro and flannel. It's on the title track that more of their own style starts to shine through. While the first two songs are pretty damn good, it's here on the third where things get really interesting. Amid the jumpy rhythm and quick tempo there's a strong tuneful side that I would imagine will become more prominent over time. This carries over to the remaining songs on this one-sider. "Protocore" is definitely my favorite on here, and the chorus "Young hearts and minds vying for some time, another lesson learned, and other book burned..." has permanently worked itself into my mind. Something I find myself singing as I sit in LA traffic. Another great record from this band that's just getting started, really. ((SD)F Records, bigcrux[at] / ironlungrecords/

BRAIN F ≠ - Sleep Rough LP
Brain F≠ are definitely one of the more original sounding bands happening. Their sound, while certainly punk, is not too easy to describe. There's the noisy edge that is hard to nail down. The songs are quick without being blinding thrash, and there's a tunefulness despite the chaotic side they posses. Sometimes it sounds like there are two different songs going on ( such as "Fou Raide", "Connerie", at the same time, yet it's cohesive. This is the type of music that requires you to pay close attention. This is not meant to be background noise, or passively consumed. Even with the design of the cover and the lyric sheet, everything is buried in layers that you have to take the time to decipher with your eyes and ears. In the music I hear bits of rocknroll, cowpunk, and some dirty experimentation mashed up and crammed into the rambling shambling punk body. Elise Anderson's vocals are at the top of it all, which I like, and is one of my favorite aspects of this band. There's a confidence and playfulness in the delivery that is undeniable. The guitar has a snarling bite that doesn't rely on being a wall of distortion. Check out "Sleep Rough", the guitars open up with a hard strum that almost rings, then it builds and everything else falls in behind. I'm reminded of the early 80s California sound, but these guys are not a neo-retro punk band. They have the brains to be their own band and are creating their own style. (Grave Mistake,

BUFFALO BANGERS - Blockader 7"
Interesting. Verrry interesting. I get the sense this band has shut out all contemporary influences and have aimed at attaining their own sound. There's the definite punk crossed with Goth sound. I do hear traces of Christian Death and Bauhaus, with some surf-esque guitars. There is also a rough and unpolished quality to this. Which is part of the appeal for me. The drums are rudimentary, keeping the time, but no frills, giving the music a slight minimal vibe. Of the two tracks, "Granite Grandma" is the standout. The guitar is more prominent, with more low end from the bass right there, and the vocals have a bit more range. There's a slight melancholy in the music that is effective in putting you in the mood. (Private Leisure Industries, privateliesureindustries[a]

C.R.A.S.H. - A War On All Fronts EP
Soon to set the world ablaze. Instantly likeable. This new super group from the LA area is here and ready to lay it the fuck down. C.R.A.S.H. consists of members from Nazti Skinz, Born Against, No Age, Mika Miko, Wrangler Brutes, and Fast Forward. Raw no-frills hardcore punk that has a early 80s feel in the basic approach to the song writing and delivery. There's a looseness about this that retains the energy and is not so polished and tightened up that any air is sucked out of the room. Listening to this I sort of envision the band in their practice space hammering the songs out with urgency and making sure they keep that urgency when it's recorded. "Life To Live" is my favorite of the five. The tempo is slower than the rest (they never stray over into thrash territory, choosing to keep it mainly mid paced), with some time changes, and the vocal delivery sounds stronger. But, the best lyrics are found/heard in "Cult Merch", with "You think you worry about creating culture / But you really worry about tooth decay / You think you worry about creating culture / But you're worried about your weight". Hoping there is more from these folks. (Post Present Medium, PO Box 291301, Los Angeles, CA 90029,

Talk about noisy!! Sounds like this was recorded in a air plane hangar. The guitar sounds like it was played with a shard of tin, the vocals sound like "bleararrgghhhh", and the drums are a complete mess. In short, this is awesome. The kind of record that grabs your attention, whether you want it to or not. You'll either love it, or leave the room. I'm sticking around for a few more listens. Amid the chaos you will hear a song structure that actually has some catchy elements you can hang on to as you go careening through the melee. "Free Chapel" sounds like the gates of Hell flung wide open and all the misery and rot unleashed. But the tracks that really stick with me the most are "The Law" with it's repetitive structure, and "Communion" which shifts tempos and gives the bass some room to come to the top. A few more spins of this are in order for today. (

I had no idea Insult were playing music again. Still wished I was able to catch them when they played Los Angeles in 1997. Anyway, this is some pretty good stuff here. Short sharp blasts of hardcore thrash. Some liken them to Infest, and I hear a smidge of that here, but not enough to be a clone band like many others.  Six ragers and not a stinker in the bunch. After having a laugh at the title of the final track "Diddler On Parole" I found this to be the best song of the collection. The tempo slows down a bit, which allows them to give their sound a more twisted feel in the guitar part, and hearkens back to a more early 80s sound. 
Rampant Decay are a little more thrashy. Growly death metal style vocals, a wall of guitar, and the approach of "Go! Go! Go!". A nice record to throw in the middle of a bunch of more tuneful melodic stuff when you're sitting around the house playing records. (Patac,

NIGHT BIRDS - The Other Side Of Darkness LP
Better than you can imagine!! This is completely fuggin' awesome!! F'n flawless!! Night Birds get better and better with every new release. I have been listening to their "Fresh Kills" CD for a better part of the year now, and have made a point to spread the gospel to others. Even at Sunday night skate sessions of the middle-aged, where suddenly everyone was transported back to their youth and skated like it. Perhaps because this band is so damn good, and also it could be because they do a pretty damn good job of getting the early hardcore punk sound down, and making it sound as fresh and vibrant as it did one hundred years ago. The surf instrumental "Day After Trinity" is a burner, sounding like something Dick Dale would write. In fact, one of the strongest facets of the Night Birds is the guitar player can play quite well. Makes some of the OC bands sound amateur. No joke. The guitar has the classic surf sound, plays fast and clean (check out the song "Paranoid Times", and notice your jaw has hit the floor at the beginning), and the drums and bass hold it all together and it sounds effortless, despite the precision of the craft. 
A couple old tracks, "Can't Get Clean", and "Paranoid Times" are re-recorded, and have more fire than before. The eleven new tracks are killer; "Sex Tape", "Born Of Man And Woman", the title track, "Neon Gray", and "One Eye" to name a few. You could waste your time with reunited Adolescents and the Dickies, or you could spend your remaining time on this planet wisely and listen to the Night Birds instead. (Grave Mistake,

Caught this outfit live at the Smell the other night. In a stroke of pure luck I walked into the space as soon as they were setting up. Their live show is one of those 'must see' events. Nothing but non-stop explosive energy. Everyone in the band is spazzing out and throwing themselves around the room with abandon. I took photos, and we'll see how they come out in a few weeks (I shoot on film when I can, and it's what I prefer...). Made sure to pick this record up and their split tape with Shearing Pinx. The cover art here is interesting. A photo of hand made dolls with a bank made of cardboard bricks going up in paper flames. The music is pressed on gorgeous red with glitter vinyl. The music is total no wave skronk meets the hyper tempo of Melt Banana. Guitars scrape, blurp, and go 'wromph' here and there, while the vocals are delivered with often rapid fire cadence. The saxophone mimics a tea kettle on boil with high pitched and long drawn blasts. It may sound like complete chaos, but listen closer and you will hear that this stuff is planned out and measured. Maybe not exact in the math, but it sounds good. It's complex, and you know they knew what they're doing. Sometimes the rhythms lurch, and everything sounds crammed in, then the music will suddenly open up for a few moments, then it's back at it with the jammed in guitars, blasting saxophone, crashing and rolling drums that sometimes pull off some free jazz bits, and I'm of the opinion hold the songs together. If you were to take them out, then perhaps everything else would implode, or explode outward and make a glorious mess. I think I love this band... (Upet! The Rhythm,

REVILERS - Stand or Fall EP
Decent street punk in the vein of Workin' Stiffs, and Swingin' Utters (fortunately Revilers are much less polished). Favorite song on here is "Tried And True" with the lines "I get the feeling I'm being marginalized / And downsized". The song "Road Rage" sounds like it has a little bit of Motorhead in it. Hmmm... (Patac,

Whoa!! This is some pretty damn good punk from Sweden. Definitely European in style. How to back that statement up... Hmmm... Well, you know it when you hear it. There's qualities that regions have over other regions. For one, this is pretty damn tuneful, but raw and driving as well. Not to mention passion in the vocals with a hint of desperation in the delivery. At times the music sounds busy with the guitars playing different parts that almost sound like their off time. I hear some early Hüsker Dü in their sound. Mainly in the melody. The most tuneful of the five is "Sälj Ut Din Själ", and so happens to be the song that stayed in my mind most long after the record was finished. But, just so you know, the whole damn record is worth repeated listens. (Gaphals,

V/A- "Noise Ordinance" LP
Considering the pull and influence of Maximum Rocknroll, I have high expectations for any record they put out. For all their resources they have no excuse to put out some half-baked compilation, and though they may have released some clunkers in the past (the split double EPs of the 90s, the "They Don't Get Paid..." comp), this one is pretty damn good. Worthy of sharing shelf space next to the first two comps, for sure. I'm really surprised at how good this to be honest. Mostly because there seems to be a lot of really good bands in the Bay Area at the moment. Something their well-known neighbor six hours south can not boast of. 
This collection covers a good range of bands that fall under the punk umbrella. You have the the rough and nasty style, the crust and metallic stuff, thrash, post punk, etc. The bands that really stood out for me are: Airfix Kits, Rank/Xerox, NN, Year One, Shotwell, Hunx and His Punx, Fleshies, and Face The Rail. (Maximum Rocknroll, PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146 /

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preview of new Timebombs song.

Hey, if you're interested, here's a track that Timebombs are working on that may be on their upcoming album.

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Pages from the new issue...

Above are pages from the first issue. Thanks for checking them out. Not show is the Total Abuse spread, which for some reason is not working right in here...

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Perhaps the best punk rock podcast around.

Lately I'm really hooked on listening to podcasts. A steady diet of the MRR podcast, Equalizing Distort, and my favorite of all, Punk Rock Record Party, hosted by the legendary Bob Suren (Sound Idea, Failure Face, Burrito Records, Murder Suicide Pact).

If you haven't started listening yet, now's the time. Check the flyer below, or just go to the link:

FIRST ISSUE of TASTEMAKER pre-orders open.

  The first issue of Tastemaker is being released on Friday, November 4, 2011. Below is an image of the cover (which features Chadwick from the Secret Society Of The Sonic Six).
  Inside are interviews with Total Abuse, the Secret Society Of The Sonic Six, Timebombs, Gary Panter, and Glass Candy.
  Page count is 38 total, cover price is $4, or if you want one sent to you direct, then it's $5 with shipping. Outside the US, get in touch for rates.
  Only 100 copies are being made. Once it's gone it's gone.

The second issue is under way and should be out in late January/early February.

Contact information is to your right.


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Quick note, the first print issue is looking to be out in 2 weeks. Interviews with TOTAL ABUSE, THE SECRET SOCIETY OF THE SONIC SIX, TIMEBOMBS, GARY PANTER, and GLASS CANDY. Then some assorted things to round it out.
I'll post images and ordering details when it's here, and will post information about issue #2 at that time as well.

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Here's the latest batch of stuff for review. I have more coming over the next couple weeks (Night Birds, Big Crux, Brain F≠, Executioner, Insult, Crusades, etc etc). Thanks to everyone who has sent stuff in. Much appreciated. 
Getting ready to head out for the No Babies show at the Smell. But before I go, just wanted to let you know the first print issue of Tastemaker should be out by the end of this month. Or mid November at the very latest. I'll post more details on that in the next week or so. 

CERVIX - Life Fucker EP
Blown out noisy stuff from this NYC outfit that takes it cues from Japanese bands like Confuse, Comes, Disclose, etc. I like the fact that singer is female, as it breaks slightly away from the formula of this style (usually some dude grunting and burping into to microphone). It sounds like it was recorded in a storm cellar. There's a lot of space in the sound. The vocals have reverb, the bass sounds a little distant, and there's the grinding noise of the guitar that hangs above the din. That might sound like some put down, but it's not. It works well with this style. I like the opening of "Death Culture" where it starts off sort of quiet, then the drums pick up the pace, and the guitar come screeching in to set everything off. This stuff is fast without being thrash. (

The idea of a three way split is a little off putting for myself. But this has two bands I really like; Defect Defect and Daylight Robbery, then there's Foreign Object, who I'm starting to warm to. This is also a one sided affair, so all bands are on one side. Two songs each. Stylistically they're all pretty similar. Heavily influenced by the late 70s/early 80s California punk sound. And they all pull it off with finesse. 
Defect Defect kick things off with the raging "People My Age", detailing how dull people who should know better become as they 'get older'. Such a great song, and definitely something I've been thinking about a lot lately, as I slide further into middle age wondering where a lot of my friends have gone off to. The delivery is awesome, and delivered with believable attitude and disgust. Not over done or dramatic. Just straight up and honest. "Napalmed Babies And New Palm Trees" follows up with an attack on complacency and alienation. I'll go as far to say Defect Defect get better and better with every new release. 
Daylight Robbery slow things down a smidge with their two cuts, but keep the energy up just the same, though a little darker and more forlorn. The dual male/female vocals remind me of X, and the music is somewhat similar, though more on the Wipers side of things. Very well done, and I really like the mood they create. Hoping they have more records out very soon. Both songs on here are awesome. Can't decide which I like more. "Flat City" or "Patience Loser"... I'll just have to keep listening for a few weeks longer. 
Foreign Objects are starting to generate some buzz. I have the first single, and found it okay. The two songs here ("The Numbers" and "Problems") are a little more to my liking. I'm thinking this band may be more impressive on a LP format. I say this because once they set the tone, the songs are suddenly over, and I'm feeling like, "Wait, things are just getting started. Come back!" The delivery is snotty, and convincing. Of the three bands on there, Foreign Objects is the most raw and verging on chaos. Just a little more push it sounds and they could completely blow apart. And I mean that in a good way.  "Problems" is their standout of the two. I'll have to get their LP now. (Dirt Cult, 713 Stagecoach Dr, Las Cruces, NM 88011 / 

Finally a buzzsaw shaped record I'll own. Pyscho have been around for nearly 30 years (I interviewed them once for a zine I used to put out in junior high circa 1985), cranking away at their raw sound that mixes hardcore with metal elements. Sometimes grind, sometimes not. This time around they're more on the hardcore side of things. At least to my ears. The second side is my favorite; the cover of G.G. Allin's "Legalize Murder" is great, and the original "Religious" stands out, as it slows down a bit and lets the darkness in a bit more. Not to mention, anti-religion songs tend to win me over pretty easily. Nice to know Psycho haven't softened over the years. (Patac,

THE SECRET SOCIETY OF THE SONIC SIX - Isolated Incidents 1.3 12"
I believe this is the final installment of the  "Isolated Incidents" series. The Secret Society of The Sonic Six are easily one of my favorite bands. Perhaps that's not ethical or 'professional' to admit to having a favorite band in reviewing records, but it's not like I'm getting paid to right this stuff. Anywhoo... But one of the many reasons I'm so into this band is that they are constantly evolving. You sort of know what you're going to get from each record, but there's always a twist somewhere in the sound. For those of you who have been attending their live shows over the years, you may have noticed even the earlier songs are sounding a bit different these days. 
No easy comparison can be made to this outfit. Which is a plus. The music resides somewhere on another plane between electronic music similar to early Cabaret Voltaire and Ike Yard, as well as Goth. But never too much in one camp to get classified. The sound is dark, at points dancey, sometimes minimal, all with noir undercurrents. "Terminal" sounds like something you would hear in the soundtrack of an late 70s / early 80s independent crime movie. Listening to it I get visions of  empty midnight streets, save for a couple people up to no good entangling their desperate lives into further desperation. "Reservation" picks up the pace and mood slightly to a more dancey and lively style. Lyrics are kept to a minimum, though just as effective as a long tirade from most bands. "Strangers" closing this record out with a semi Euro disco feel. Estara's vocals pull you in and the music does the rest. 
This record is really limited, and comes with a CD that collects the entire "Isolated Incidents" series. Buy now or cry later. (

I'm of the opinion that if you're going to choose an offensive name you better have the sound to back it up. All too often I'll pick up a record or tape of a band with a name like Cum Stain, or something along those lines, and it turns out to be wimpy pop shit. Fortunately that's not the case here. These scums play some dirty and vile punk rock in the vein of Fang. The vocals are growled with venom, and makes everything sound convincing. Sounds like he really doesn't  give a fuck that he was kicked out of everywhere they go as illustrated in the song "Kicked Out". The total scorcher on here is "I Did It". Short and to the point. Again, it's the vocals delivery backed by the crushing drum beat, that really makes this cook. This is also the song that I find myself listening to a lot. This is a band that's not concerned with acceptance, saying the nice things and towing the line. I like that, and I like this record. (Patac,

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Okay, it has been some time since last post. Busy with school finals, then having family visit for 2 weeks left me with little time to listen to music, much less get on the computer. My mind was complete mush to be honest. 
It's hot as hell, and summer is here, and I have some free time again, so that means time to listen to music, and obsess about music, and wonder what's coming out next, etc. Catching up with the stuff I've received, as well as purchased over the past couple months. Here's the latest. I will post more reviews in the next week. 

Midwestern Hardcore early 80s style. Raw and unhinged, as only that region can produce (seems the coasts are too self-aware to make music this good, among other things). Lyrically it's to the point, no political sloganeering, just angst and insolence. "My Walls" and "Hate Group" are my favorites on here. Sound wise, think Necros meets Vilently Ill. This is members from Cülo, and Nick from Cowabunga, so you should have an idea what lies in wait. Proceed with haste. (Cowabunga c/o Nick Lovro, 311 Stearn Dr, Genoa, IL 60135 /

BRAIN F ≠ - So Dim 7"
Lo-fi punk rock that hearkens back to the days of yore, and yet is very much of the moment. For some reason I can't quite figure out, I'm reminded of the Tyrades. Anyhow, these two songs are raw, fuzzed out, and straight to the point. The energy is up, but they never get thrashy or wild. Slightly hyper and focused, you could say. I like the dual vocals, and the female vocals is what really gives the sound a distinct edge. The title track is my favorite, and the second song, "Symptom Set" t'aint bad either. Makes me want to hear more, fer sure.  Need to pick up the previous single now... (Grave Mistake, PO Box 12482, Richmond, VA 23241 /

COKE BUST - Degradation EP
First time I heard these guys was on the A Product of Six Cents II compilation. For a band that plays it hard and fast to stand out on a collection of other bands who aim to break speed records, says something. I still have yet to hear the LP though. Which I'm told is pretty good. So for now, I have this EP to crank. Which I think is pretty damn good. Obvious comparisons are Infest and Ripcord. I also hear some early NYHC in there as well, in particular the breakdowns. A bit of feedback between songs give this a feel that everything was done in one take. Makes me look forward to their potential West Coast tour later this year. The majority of the songs are speed fests, with "Deathbed" being the slowest, and maybe because of that, also the standout track. Not to say any of the other songs suck, because they're all good. But it's "Deathbed" that really grabs your attention. Mid-tempo, with heavy percussion, and repetitive riff that recalls classic hardcore of twenty-five plus years ago. (Grave Mistake, PO Box 12482, Richmond, VA 23241 /

INSTANGD - Drag Utan Drog EP
Picks up where their second EP, "Konkret Och Brutal", left off. Straight forward no frills hardcore punk that mixes US and Scandanavian influences seamlessly. Short, raw, and largely quick tempo blasts, throwing in time changes, pauses, and more to keep it interesting. Really like introduction to "Primitiv Energi". Sounds like it's going to be post-punk, then they let it rip with some full on hardcore. "Instangd/Fri?" is another stand out, with it's catchy rhythm, and over in seconds. The whole record is pretty good I should point out. Comes pressed on orange vinyl. I keep wondering when they're going to fly out and play some shows in Los Angeles. (Sorry State, 111 Old Pittsboro Rd, Carrboro, NC 27510 / 

NIGHT BIRDS - Fresh Kills Vol. 1 CD
So a couple years ago I wrote a snarky asshole review of this band's demo for Razorcake. Fuck, was I a prick. Now I'm  eating crow like no tomorrow. A complete change of opinion. Listening to this, I am now of the opinion Night Birds are one of the best bands in the US. Certainly a band I'm going to push on my friends as I embark on my "super awesome summer". This disc is the perfect soundtrack for this warm season. These guys sound like they stepped straight out of late 70s / early 80s OC punk. Definite Adolescents and Agent Orange influences. This is the music that the Adolescents should have been cranking out after their classic blue album. Fast tempos, catchy as hell, a lot of attitude in the delivery, and the guitar playing is top notch with it's surf-esque style - just check out "Prognosis: Negative". This disc collects their "Killer Waves" 7", "Midnight Movies" EP, self-titled EP, and the aformentioned demo from 2009.

Fuck yeah!!! This is some high energy Pee-unk rawk right here. Think of the Saints bred with the Stitches. It's driving as hell, catchy, and there's a slightly sketchy  edge that really puts this over the top. The title track has a chorus that reeks of a future classic. "On Time" is just as ripping, and if anything, ups the energy even more. Can't get enough of the line, "I'm on time for a good time", and how it's delivered. "Prostitution Summer" slows down sightly, giving the song more swagger and attitude. Live, these guys must rip it up. They better! Reminds me of the late 90s/early 00s when there were some good bands playing places like Al's Bar, Bar Deluxe, and to a lesser degree, the Garage here in LA. (Grave Mistake, PO Box 12482, Richmond, VA 23241 /

WET HAIR - Radiant Lines 7"
This is well worth your time to seek out. Wet Hair remind me a lot of Suicide, with just a little more going on. Synth driven, with layers underneath the shimmery drone. Music for late afternoons. The title track has a slight swagger to it. The drums shuffle, while the synthesizer climbs and rolls around, and the vocals sit somewhere in the back corner.  "Decay" buries the vocals underneath the synthesizers, which have a layer of drone on one level, and a poppier/playful layer riding over the top. Comes packaged in a 7" x 7" booklet of color collages constructed by Wet Hair: Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes. One time pressing of 500. I checked the Not Not Fun site, and it's out of print. So check their distributors. You can find that information here:

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REVIEWS (Big Crux, Cülo, School Jerks)

I should have posted this a while back. But with daily life and all it entails, things get in the way of allowing me to sit and listen to music uninterrupted. So, apologies to anyone who sent stuff and expected a review much sooner. I have a few tapes and a couple CDs to review, which I'm working on now. Should have those posted in the next couple weeks. 

BIG CRUX - Compromise Crisis EP

Whoa!!! Better than what I was expecting. This sounds like something SST would have released in their heyday. A lot of people say that about current bands, and what they fail to mention is the SST they're referencing is the later 80s period when they released garbage. I'm referencing the era of SST that had the greats: Hüsker Dü, Minutemen, Black Flag, and Meat Puppets, and Saccharine Trust. Big Crux have the sparse sound of Minutemen, where the bass figures prominently, and the guitar is unadorned. Then throw in the funk elements of Big Boys. The songs are catchy and instantly memorable. The musicianship is tight and the songs are solid as hell. "Big Funk" is the definite A-side, with "Boys To Men" which really goes into Minutemen territory sandwiched in between the other slice, "No Stars", which ends with the same energy as the opener. I hear they're talking about an album. Please please please!!! (Iron Lung, PO Box 95521, Seattle, WA 98145 /

CüLO - Toxic Vision  EP

Easily one of thee best hardcore punk bands out there these days, and perhaps any day, before, and in the future. This is their third EP, and they show no signs of sucking. "Toxic Vision" is their best yet. Gnarled sounds that have the subtlety of a cinder block through your window shield. Fast as fuck, the guitar sounds like hell, and the drums are chopped to bits. Lyrically nihilistic to boot. If this record was released back in 1981, it would be on every collector's list, and fetching rent on eBay. So, get it now and blow your fucking mind!!! (Deranged, c/o Gordon Defresne, 2700 Lower Rd, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W4, Canada /


Can this band do no wrong?!? Here's their third release and they show no signs of losing intensity. Think of Dez-era Black Flag and that's close to what these guys sound like. School Jerks have a little less polish though. The songs and delivery are fast and manic. Everything sounds like it's about to come flying apart in one glorious mess. Six songs with a raw and dirty sound. The drums sound like hell, the guitar sounds like it's played with a jagged piece of rusted metal, and the vocalist sounds disgusted with everything. Can't choose one track over the other. They're all good. Get the other two records and play them in conjunction with this. (Cowabunga, 311 Stearn Dr, Genoa, IL 60135 /

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SEE YOU IN HELL US tour dates!!!

People are already talking about Chaos In Tejas, which is a few months away. One of the bands that are on the bill is SEE YOU IN HELL from the Czech Republic. They've been around for a while. and released some great stuff. Their recent releases with SYSTEMATIC DEATH, and CONTRAST ATTITUDE, both on Insane Society Records, are top shelf stuff. Pick this stuff up from them when they come through your town or order it direct from the label:

Here's the tour dates:

June 1, Wednesday: Nashville TN
June 2, Thursday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 3, Friday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 4, Saturday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 5, Sunday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 6, Monday: Kansas City MO
June 7, Tuesday: Minneapolis MN
June 8, Wednesday: Milwaukee WI (with Origin of M)
June 9, Thursday: Chicago IL (with Origin of M)
June 10, Friday: Cleveland, OH
June 11, Saturday: Pittsburgh, PA (with xBrainiax)
June 12, Sunday: Philadelphia, PA
June 13, Monday: Washington, DC
June 14, Tuesday: Baltimore, MD (with Lotus Fucker, Origin of M [Japan])
June 15, Wednesday: New York, NY
June 16, Thursday: Albany, NY
June 17, Friday: Boston, MA

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's a flyer for the SCHOOL JERKS / CüLO / TIMEBOMBS show in Fullerton, CA at the Riff Haus.
Make the drive!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Alright, I have the tour dates for SCHOOL JERKS and CüLO. Looking forward to this!!! I plan to hit at least two of their shows in the LA/OC area. See you there. And the flyer was taken from the staticoponx website.

Feb. 18h - San Francisco - Hemlock Bar (1131 Polk Street) w/ Wild Thing
Feb. 19th - Sacramento - Axewave Manor (2426 33rd) w/ Verraeterisch
Feb. 20th - Los Angeles - South Central Farmers Collective (41st and Long Beach Blvd) w/ Tuberculosis, Destruye Y Huye, Drapetomania
Feb. 21st - LA-area - TBA, hopefully something but email us if you can help
Feb. 22nd - Phoenix, AZ - Sound Kontrol (25th Street and Chambers) w/ Elders, Otro Mundo, No Bunny
Feb. 23rd - Fullerton - Riff Haus (1150 E. Valencia Dr.) - w/ Bad Antics, Concussion, Timebombs
Feb. 24th - Bakersfield -  Munoz Gym (1931 E. California Ave) w/ DADT, Carcinogenz
Feb. 25th - Oakland - The Swamp (35th and Market) w/ Ecoli, Neo-Cons

On the way down Culo only are playing
Feb. 11th - Minneapolis
Feb. 12th - Fargo, ND

Friday, February 4, 2011

A quick list of my favorite releases of 2010. A bit late, but...

Here's a list I compiled in late December of my favorite releases of 2010, in no particular order.

NU SENSAE "TV, Death and the Devil" LP
MUCH WORSE "Proper Execute" EP
THE ENERGY "First Album" LP
SOTATILLA "Vituiks Meni" EP
DAYLIGHT ROBBERY "Through The Confusion" LP
TIMEBOMBS "Mumbling" 10"
NOMOS "Notes From The Acheron" 12" EP
CULO "Military Abuse" EP

I have a couple reviews to post soon. Things here are busy at the moment, so time and energy is sparse... 
The print issue is still in the works. Have a couple more interviews to transcribe and will complete the layout soon after. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Whatever became of Felix from Life's Halt? Right here....

When I first moved to LA in 1997 Felix Reyes was one of the first people I befriended. I believe Life's Halt were pretty much starting out at that point. I do remember going to some of their practices when Nate played drums, and one time we rode our bicycles up and down Venice Beach putting up LH stickers on any inanimate object we could.
Life's Halt eventually blew up and put out a few records, did a couple tours, or more. They split up in 2001 I think. Noel went on to play in Annihilation Time, Jon and Charlie have been in a number of bands, and Felix played in a couple as well. Then he moved away, started a family.
But, as time went on he got the itch to play again, and has a new band called Big Crux. Sounds more San Pedro than Seattle. But I think this was where he was bound to end up, since he talked a lot about the Minutemen way back when.
You can check them out here at this site:

Monday, January 10, 2011


Alright, working on the print version at the moment. Should be interesting, and it's definitely diverse in its coverage. Interviews include Total Abuse, Glass Candy, Secret Society of the Sonic Six, Gary Panter, Timebombs, and more. Check back at least by the end of this month for an update.

Went to the Timebombs / Dry Rot / Nomos / The Men show at the Unity Church in Long Beach last weekend. Awesome night the whole way through. Best hardcore show I've been to in some time. The whole line up was solid.

Cülo, and the School Jerks are coming through California in February. I hope to attend a couple of their shows. I hear the Fullerton show should be amazing. More details will be posted as I get them.

Within the next week I'll post my top records of the past year. Nothing to lose sleep over, but you know...