Friday, January 21, 2011

Whatever became of Felix from Life's Halt? Right here....

When I first moved to LA in 1997 Felix Reyes was one of the first people I befriended. I believe Life's Halt were pretty much starting out at that point. I do remember going to some of their practices when Nate played drums, and one time we rode our bicycles up and down Venice Beach putting up LH stickers on any inanimate object we could.
Life's Halt eventually blew up and put out a few records, did a couple tours, or more. They split up in 2001 I think. Noel went on to play in Annihilation Time, Jon and Charlie have been in a number of bands, and Felix played in a couple as well. Then he moved away, started a family.
But, as time went on he got the itch to play again, and has a new band called Big Crux. Sounds more San Pedro than Seattle. But I think this was where he was bound to end up, since he talked a lot about the Minutemen way back when.
You can check them out here at this site:

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