Thursday, September 23, 2010

THE FAILURES came to town and I stood is a lousy location

As posted last week, the Failures played in Long Beach. The turn out was pretty good. Definitely the best I've seen in a while. The crowd was insane. I was thinking the days of the energetic crowd were over. Turns out I've been going to the wrong shows. There's something to be said about all-ages shows. They are  way more enjoyable on many levels. Whereas the 18 and older shows where drinking seems to be more important than watching the bands make for boring shows and boring crowds. 

I was upfront for the Failures set in the beginning and found myself slowly edging towards the back. It was near impossible to get a decent photo in the front due to crowd reaction. Off to the side wasn't much better, and at the back was horrible for photos. But here's a couple anyway. Can't say I didn't try...

A photozine I do...

The second issue of Ack Ack Ack, which is a photozine I put out every now and then just came out. Only 100 copies made. You can get the full details by visiting ISO3200Press, which is over in the Points of Interest section, to the right of this post. 
Here's some photos of what the zine looks like. You can get it direct from me at shows, or through the mail, or Armageddon Records in Providence, and Sorry State mailorder. Thanks. 

This is the cover

Spread from the Born Dead Icons section. 

Couple pages from Tear It Up at the Smell.

A couple pages from Assfort at Gilman. The photo on the bottom right was used for their EP on Prank. 

SOCIAL UNREST in Los Angeles

As promised in the past week or so, here's the Social Unrest photos from their recent show at the Blvd. Along with Code of Honor, Sick Pleasure, Christ On Parade, and Neurosis, Social Unrest is definitely one of my favorite Bay Area bands, and definitely one of my all time favorite punk/hardcore bands. I like the entire catalog. And every time I listen to their first EP, "Making Room For Youth" it gives me the same charge it did as the first time. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

FAILURES show this Saturday evening!

Failures are playing the LA area this weekend. Maybe Mark will bring some of the Youth Attack catalog with him? Also, Mike Kirsch from Fuel, John Henry West, 16 Bullets, and a million other bands, has a new project, Mothercountry Motherfuckers, opening the show. First band goes on as soon as the doors open it says. Which is at 6pm. Whoa!!!
Address is: 
Unity Church
935 E Broadway (one block east of Alamitos)
Long Beach, CA

Vitamin X are playing here soon. I'll post information for it as soon as I find out. 


Here's a few photos from Broken Needle opening for Social Unrest (I'll post photos of them in the next week) at the Blvd on August 21, 2010.
If you're interested, Broken Needle still have a few copies of their Japanese tour CD (which comes with a gigantic bandana) available. Hit them up on myspace, or at a show.