Sunday, December 4, 2011

POISON PLANET South Coast Tour dates!!!

Okay, so I finally get around to fixing this post. Blame it on the holidays. I do. 

POISON PLANET South Coast Tour 2012

Starts in January, and here we go:

Friday 1/6 TBA
Saturday 1/7 Baltimore, MD and WDC
Sunday 1/8 Richmond, VA
Monday 1/9 Raleigh, NC
Tuesday 1/10 Jacksonville, FL
Wednesday 1/11 Orlando, FL
Thursday 1/12 Tampa, FL
Friday 1/13 Tallahassee, FL
Saturday 1/14 *Pensacola, FL / Mobile, AL and Birmingham, AL (get in  touch)
Sunday 1/15 Houston, TX
Monday 1/15 Laredo, TX
Tuesday 1/17 McAllen, TX 
Wednesday 1/18 Austin, TX
Thursday 1/19 Fort Worth, TX 
Friday 1/20 Kansas City, MO 
Saturday 1/21 Springfield, IL and Indianapolis, IN

For more information go to: 


  1. Thanks for reposting. Why does cut and pasting these into blogspot always do the weird highlight. I had the same problem. haha.

  2. Hey Nick,
    Just cleaned it up. Sorry for the delay. Let me know how tour goes.