Tuesday, April 26, 2011

REVIEWS (Big Crux, Cülo, School Jerks)

I should have posted this a while back. But with daily life and all it entails, things get in the way of allowing me to sit and listen to music uninterrupted. So, apologies to anyone who sent stuff and expected a review much sooner. I have a few tapes and a couple CDs to review, which I'm working on now. Should have those posted in the next couple weeks. 

BIG CRUX - Compromise Crisis EP

Whoa!!! Better than what I was expecting. This sounds like something SST would have released in their heyday. A lot of people say that about current bands, and what they fail to mention is the SST they're referencing is the later 80s period when they released garbage. I'm referencing the era of SST that had the greats: Hüsker Dü, Minutemen, Black Flag, and Meat Puppets, and Saccharine Trust. Big Crux have the sparse sound of Minutemen, where the bass figures prominently, and the guitar is unadorned. Then throw in the funk elements of Big Boys. The songs are catchy and instantly memorable. The musicianship is tight and the songs are solid as hell. "Big Funk" is the definite A-side, with "Boys To Men" which really goes into Minutemen territory sandwiched in between the other slice, "No Stars", which ends with the same energy as the opener. I hear they're talking about an album. Please please please!!! (Iron Lung, PO Box 95521, Seattle, WA 98145 / lifeironlungdeath.blogspot.com)

CüLO - Toxic Vision  EP

Easily one of thee best hardcore punk bands out there these days, and perhaps any day, before, and in the future. This is their third EP, and they show no signs of sucking. "Toxic Vision" is their best yet. Gnarled sounds that have the subtlety of a cinder block through your window shield. Fast as fuck, the guitar sounds like hell, and the drums are chopped to bits. Lyrically nihilistic to boot. If this record was released back in 1981, it would be on every collector's list, and fetching rent on eBay. So, get it now and blow your fucking mind!!! (Deranged, c/o Gordon Defresne, 2700 Lower Rd, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W4, Canada / derangedrecords.com)


Can this band do no wrong?!? Here's their third release and they show no signs of losing intensity. Think of Dez-era Black Flag and that's close to what these guys sound like. School Jerks have a little less polish though. The songs and delivery are fast and manic. Everything sounds like it's about to come flying apart in one glorious mess. Six songs with a raw and dirty sound. The drums sound like hell, the guitar sounds like it's played with a jagged piece of rusted metal, and the vocalist sounds disgusted with everything. Can't choose one track over the other. They're all good. Get the other two records and play them in conjunction with this. (Cowabunga, 311 Stearn Dr, Genoa, IL 60135 / cowabungarecords.com)

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