Sunday, February 13, 2011

SEE YOU IN HELL US tour dates!!!

People are already talking about Chaos In Tejas, which is a few months away. One of the bands that are on the bill is SEE YOU IN HELL from the Czech Republic. They've been around for a while. and released some great stuff. Their recent releases with SYSTEMATIC DEATH, and CONTRAST ATTITUDE, both on Insane Society Records, are top shelf stuff. Pick this stuff up from them when they come through your town or order it direct from the label:

Here's the tour dates:

June 1, Wednesday: Nashville TN
June 2, Thursday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 3, Friday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 4, Saturday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 5, Sunday: Austin TX (Chaos in Texas)
June 6, Monday: Kansas City MO
June 7, Tuesday: Minneapolis MN
June 8, Wednesday: Milwaukee WI (with Origin of M)
June 9, Thursday: Chicago IL (with Origin of M)
June 10, Friday: Cleveland, OH
June 11, Saturday: Pittsburgh, PA (with xBrainiax)
June 12, Sunday: Philadelphia, PA
June 13, Monday: Washington, DC
June 14, Tuesday: Baltimore, MD (with Lotus Fucker, Origin of M [Japan])
June 15, Wednesday: New York, NY
June 16, Thursday: Albany, NY
June 17, Friday: Boston, MA

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