Thursday, December 30, 2010

Going to a show on a Wednesday night? Yeah, if it's the TIMEBOMBS.

So I'm messing around and bored on a Tuesday night and start checking out websites looking for shows in the area. I see the Timebombs are playing at the Blvd the following night with Progeria, and Mindless and a couple other bands. I stared at the image for a few moments, wondering if this thee Timebombs, the band who's put out nothing but great records, and in particular their recent 10", "Mumbling", and the "I Belong In Hell" LP from last year. Both still available from Cowabunga Records. Do a search on the net for the site, if you don't already have these. The first couple EPs were straight up hardcore, whereas the latest two, though still very much hardcore, are more noisy and misanthropic. Distortion permeates everything, the cover art and lyrical subjects are darker and less, ermm... I don't know, definitely not for the weekender types.
So yeah, turns out it was thee Timebombs who played. They had some problems with the bass cabinet at first, but once it was rectified they ripped it up for a brief moment and it was over. Maybe a 10 minute set at best? I haven't seen a band play a set this short since the days of Mohinder, and that was back in 1993 / '94. No pause, all go. I didn't even see a set list. I must admit, as much as I enjoy their records and try to spread the gospel to others to pick 'em up, these guys are even better live. Run, don't walk, to see them when they play your area.
Here's a few photos I managed to get from their set.

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