Sunday, July 11, 2010

WHITE LUNG @ Wooly Blvd

Went to see White Lung at Wooly Blvd here in Los Angeles last night. I had never heard of this place before, so I was a little skeptical. Turns out it's actually a decent place for shows. Apparently during the day it's a mime school. At night it transforms into a open space that reminded friends and I of the Smell from a few years back.

The opening bands were nothing special, and I didn't bother to get their names. White Lung set up and blasted through a quick set and left the stage just as fast. More bands need to follow their example. I posted their set list, so you can see what they played. 
Also, picked up their LP, "It's The Evil", released on Deranged Records, which is on the turntable at the moment. Pretty true to their live sound. I'll post a review of it later this week

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