Saturday, June 19, 2010

OUR GANG LP review

OUR GANG "Uprising" LP

One of those bands you may have seen their name mentioned in zines, or on a flyer with other classic bands from the 80s, and you, for some unexplainable reason were curious to hear them. So much so, that they became sort of legendary as a result. For those of us that have never heard OUR GANG, the mystery is now solved. Jack Roy Records has has released both versions "Uprising" demo from 1988, along with some additional tracks on the second side. All material was recorded between June 1988 to June 1989, and this is the first time this band has made it to vinyl.

Despite recording these songs in the late 80s, OUR GANG sounded more like early 80s NYHC - razor sharp guitar sound that has a tinny edge, speedy tempos with breakdowns, and snarled vocals. The songs from "Uprising" are fast, direct, and awesome. "In Anger" is a great opener that charges with speed and weight, all the classic components of NYHC. "Something To Say" is fast and raw. Then there's the song "No Motive" which was not on the demo, but still a great song. The recording sounds a little cleaner, but this song still has the power and punch of the earlier songs. They also cover NYC MAYHEM's "Penguin Romp".

There's a definite change in sound on the recordings from 1989. The songs are slower, less abrasive, and more tuneful. As though they're channelling their inner "New Wind" era 7 SECONDS. Not my favorite of the collection, but it was what bands were starting to delve into during that time period.

The packaging for this album is pretty good. The insert has lyrics, reproduction of the original demo artwork, flyers, reviews, a few words from Lewis Dimmick, and a download card. If you still have time, get the blue vinyl version, of which I think there were 200 pressed. So, go on over to and get yourself some.

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